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A sea just like the one that laps the islands of the Caribbean

A strip of tropical paradise.
Located in Stintino, in front of the island of Asinara, la Pelosa beach really is a strip of paradise: the finest white sands laid out before an intensely turquoise sea, where the only options are to take a relaxing dip or stretch out on a sun lounger.

Situated less than an hour’s drive from Alghero, Stintino is an ancient village where the locals survived on fishing and on catching blue-fin tuna.
Traces of this heritage can be seen in what remains of the tuna nets scattered along the coast.
A visit to Stintino allows you to experience the breathtaking beauty of the sea around Sardinia.
This excursion does not include an on-board guide – instead, please see the driver for details of where and when to get the coach back to Alghero.

(Coach trip / duration: ½ day)