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Excursion to Neptune's Caves

Neptune's Caves

Monumental chambers, natural lakes and the amazing play of the light

The excursion departs directly from the jetty of our hotel.
The boat heads out towards the Caves, passing across the bay of Porto Conte before circling the imposing promontory of Capo Caccia. On approaching Foradada Island (the “pierced” island), the boat docks almost inside the Caves to allow you to disembark.
The excursion continues with a visit on foot inside the ancient silence of the Caves, interrupted only by the subtle lapping of the water.
The trail proper begins in the chamber occupied almost entirely by the bright greenish-blue colour of the water of Lake Lamarmora, which extends out towards the spectacular “Sala delle Rovine” (Chamber of Ruins). This Chamber of Ruins contains numerous large stalactites and a small beach.
In next-to-no-time, we reach the monumental area of the Reggia, which features large limestone columns like the pipes of an organ and where a faint light penetrates through the openings to generate an extraordinary light show.
From here, we head up to the Great Organ Chamber, which contains the most imposing natural sculpture of the entire complex – a stunning column of pipes measuring 12 metres in width.
We then move on to the Cupola, which has lines similar to those of a Gothic cathedral, and then to the so-called Lace Chamber (“Sala di Trine e Merletti“), which is adorned with columns, niches and arches, before we end up on the Balcony of the Music Gallery (“Tribuna della Musica“), which allows us to see the journey that we have taken and provides a wide-ranging panoramic view of the lake.
At the end of the visit, we return to the hotel on the boat.

(Boat trip with guide / duration: 2 ½ hours)