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The Porto Conte Regional Park

Suprising landscapes and natural history, right throughout the year

According to the great French naturalist Jacques Cousteau the Porto Conte Regional Park is “one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean”.
It is our good fortune that the park provides the backdrop to our hotel.
There are certain places, many of them relatively small, that encapsulate a large number of interesting landscapes and aspects of the natural world – places that arouse intense emotions in those who visit them.
The protected area of Porto Conte is one such place. It is an area when natural forces have been at work for millennia, creating landscapes and biological balances that are unique and unrepeatable.

It is an area where Man’s input has been minimal, where the defining elements are stone, maquis and cliffs.
Here, the various aspects of Nature live together with an ancient, discrete human presence, with sheep-folds, small settlements, decommissioned prisons and old mines.
This area boasts some truly extraordinary natural assets that are sure to fascinate you just as they fascinated the first explorers, such as Alberto Della Marmora in the 19th century.

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