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An ancient, mysterious land

This is a land with origins that stretch back to the beginning of time – a place where the presence of Man over the millennia can be discerned through the archaeological finds that have been made.

Due to the fact that they disappeared from this part of the world so long ago, these ancient civilisations are today shrouded in mystery – a mystery that today’s archaeological digs are unveiling piece-by-piece.

6000 B.C.: the Neolithic period saw the first human settlements in Alghero, as evinced by pieces of pottery discovered in the Grotta Verde (Green Cave) at Capo Caccia.

Since that time, throughout the Alghero area, various civilisations have left their mark: from those who worshipped the Bull god and the Mother goddess to the Nuragic peoples (found only on Sardinia), who were followed by those living under first Punic and, subsequently, Roman domination.

The archaeological sites of interest in this area are constituted by the traces of those civilisations. The Sanna Museum in Sassari plays host to a wealth of archaeological remains found here and throughout Sardinia.

In addition, the small-scale museum of the Sella & Mosca winery in Alghero is open to the public by prior appointment and features a fascinating display on the Anghelu Ruju archaeological site.

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