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The age of metals

The Monte Baranta Archaeological Park, home to menhirs and great walls

On the hill of Monte Baranta, in the municipality of Olmedo, you will see fascinating megalithic fortifications dating from the Eneolithic period (from 2500 B.C. to 1800 B.C.).
This period saw the development of metalworking, and the civilisations who began to use metals were renowned for their bellicose character, which led them to construct fortified villages and great defensive walls. The Monte Baranta Archaeological Park provides a wealth of information about life in the age of metals.
The complex featured a 10-metre-long wall that served to safeguard one side of the village, while the other side was protected by an almost-sheer precipice.
Externally, there was a sacred area, composed of a megalithic circle marked by menhirs, and a great enclosure, which anticipated the nuraghe in terms of its shape and was the dominant element in the entire complex.

If you would like to visit the Park in the company of a guide, please call Olmedo Town Council to make a booking.

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