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Alghero, the city

Through the alleys of the ciutat vella

In the maze of cobbled streets and alleys within the walls of the ancient fortified town – the beating heart of Alghero – the air is impregnated with a sense of history and a sense of the sea.
These narrow streets, pulsating with life, are lined with fascinating historic palazzos and ancient residences, along with sky-scraping bell towers and multi-coloured cupolas belonging to numerous churches, which stand as testaments to the lengthy religious history of the city. It all adds up to a delightful mix of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neo-classical architecture.
These streets play host to numerous craft workshops – where you can find original jewellery made from red coral, filigree and precious stones – and to quaint stores, housed in old sandstone storerooms with barrel-vaulted ceilings, which sell everything from clothing to books and traditional sweets.

It is a delightful experience to stroll along these streets at your leisure, making your way through the thronging crowd, which is interrupted now and again by slow-moving horses and carts loaded with inquisitive tourists.

These streets are enveloped by intense, inviting aromas emanating from numerous cafes and restaurants.

The great open-air museum that is the historical centre of Alghero encourages passers-by to take it slowly in order to soak up the unique atmosphere.