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Alghero, the gastronomy

The flavours of Alghero

Few ingredients but a great deal of creativity. Traditional Algherese cuisine is based, above all, on seafood and vegetables, and is distinguished by a refined simplicity that is intended to maximise the impact of the flavours. It is a cuisine in which vegetables, artichokes and tomatoes predominate, along – of course – with the fish that are so plentiful along the coast.

Copaza de peix, or fish soup, is the most typical dish in Alghero’s marine tradition, whereas Algherese or Catalan lobster is perhaps the most renowned dish.

During winter, the sea-urchin is the king of Algherese cuisine.
It is best savoured on its own with a glass of fine wine along the quayside or within delicious spaghetti dishes. The Catalan essence of the city emerges clearly in its flavoursome, colourful recasting of the famous Spanish paella, which is served up by Alghero’s numerous restaurants with rice, saffron, vegetables, molluscs and shellfish.