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Adventure Park

Enjoy a unique experience in close contact with nature

The Adventure Park “Le Ragnatele” (“The Cobwebs”) was born in 2008 in one of the most beautiful areas of the Coral Riviera, close to the Natural Park of Porto Conte and within the Marine Protected Isola Piana-Porto Conte.

“Le Ragnatele” offers children and adults the opportunity to engage in acrobatic realized through air passages between the trees, placed at different heights thanks to hanging platforms, steel cables, Tibetan bridges, cable cars of pulleys, ropes and ladders . All in total safety. It was actually the first Adventure Park in Italy UNI and the only one in Sardinia. The personal protective equipment (dpi) – helmets, lanyards, harnesses, carabiners and pulleys – are all approved and their function can be seen by an expert.

For this reason, “Le Ragnatele” is also addressed to people with mobility impairments or other disabilities. An opportunity for the children – who rediscover the pleasure of playing safely outdoors – but also for adults and companies that adventure parks can strengthen the dynamics of team building: they are put to the test balance, speed, the ability to overcome their fears and concentration. All mixed with fun.

The Adventure Park “Le Ragnatele” is proposed as a good alternative for families and obviously for nature lovers.

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